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"JEALOUS"--that's what comes to mind for me. Congratulations! That's huge! Really huge!


I remember that feeling of relief very well. Congrats! Celebrate, make sure it's something really fantastic. Writing a thesis is exactly the reason I changed my mind about getting a Ph.D., if a thesis nearly killed me, how would I serve a dissertation?


Thanks, gals!

DanaLee, that is exactly what I've been telling everyone who asks if I'm going to do a Ph.D. now. Um, have people not SEEN my stress levels over the last few years? They have been at constant cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat levels. Nope, no doctorate for me.

To celebrate, I got a divine 90-minute massage yesterday. Worth absolutely every penny. Now I am going to read the new Harry Potter book! A book that has nothing to do with my thesis!


Brilliant! You deserve it!

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