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You are hilarious! I was almost afraid to read this--were you going to mock my announcement? But, as you didn't say NOT to say "forthcoming marriage" (no one does that, so I'd have known it was mine you were referring to!), we can still be friends!
Congrats to your brother!


Libby, I loved your invitation! Don't you worry, yours was totally in the cool pile. I loved that you wore a hoodie and Jon wore a leather jacket, I loved that you said "forthcoming marriage" because you are actually more grammatically correct that way, and you used a good font and everything. It was tasteful, straightforward, and very you guys. In fact, I might even steal the "forthcoming" thing in the future if you don't mind. :)

And thanks for the congrats for Eric! The wedding was over Christmas break and it was beautiful. He picked a great gal and we love her.

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